Creating a Sign for a Photography Business

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Creating a Sign for a Photography Business

Ever since childhood, I’ve loved to take pictures. Some of my favorite snapshots are of beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, friends, and family members. Because I’m not the most skilled picture taker, I definitely admire the work of professional photographers. If you take pictures for a living, consider investing in a beautiful, descriptive sign to hang in front of your business establishment. Don’t be afraid to display some of your best work on the sign. Also, think about listing your business’s name, e-mail address, and phone number on your custom sign. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of creating a sign for your business, no matter your services.

4 Keys To Building An Eye-Catching Banner

When you invest in a banner for your business, you are creating a banner because you want to inform people about something; there is something that you want to share with people.

#1: Use Large Text

You are putting information on a banner because you want to inform people about something. For people to learn that information, they need to read it, which means you need to make the text large so that it is easily readable from a distance. How large the text needs to depend upon how far away people will need to read the information.

The text will be larger if you want people to read the banner from the road than if you want people to read the banner while walking past your business. A sign business will quickly let you know how large the font needs to be based on your reading distance.

#2: Use a Readable Font

Next, you are going to want to choose a readable font for your banner. There are many different types of fonts out there that you can use, from open fonts to custom fonts. When you choose a font for your banner, you will want to make sure it is readable. Generally, a bold style font is more readable from a distance than other types of fonts. Play around with fonts and have different people look at it and tell you how readable it is. A banner is not the place for creative or fancy fonts.

#3: Keep the Message Simple

With a banner, you have limited time to convey information, so you want to keep the message simple. You are going to want to boil the message down to the basics. You want the message to be stated in the simplest and most memorable terms possible. You only have a few seconds to communicate your message; if you make the message too complicated or intricate, people will not take in the information they read.

For example, "Huge Mattress Sale" is a simple message, whereas "Queen Size Mattress Sale Only on Specific Brands Under $500" is too complicated. Keep your message concise and memorable.

#4: Stick to Your Brand

Finally, you are going to want to stick to your brand. When you create your banner, stick to colors and images that work with your brand. You want people not just to read the information but also to identify the information and associate it with your store.

When it comes to designing an eye-catching banner, use a large font size and a font style that is easy to read. Keep the message simple, to the point, and memorable. Be sure to stick to your brand and use colors and images that people will associate with your brand.

To learn more about vinyl banners, contact a local sign company.