Creating a Sign for a Photography Business

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Creating a Sign for a Photography Business

Ever since childhood, I’ve loved to take pictures. Some of my favorite snapshots are of beautiful landscapes, historical landmarks, friends, and family members. Because I’m not the most skilled picture taker, I definitely admire the work of professional photographers. If you take pictures for a living, consider investing in a beautiful, descriptive sign to hang in front of your business establishment. Don’t be afraid to display some of your best work on the sign. Also, think about listing your business’s name, e-mail address, and phone number on your custom sign. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of creating a sign for your business, no matter your services.


Outdoor Advertising Tips For Your Bagel Shop's Sign

Business might be thriving in your bagel shop, but if you're like many shop owners, you're always looking for new ways to advertise and encourage new customers to stop by. If your shop is on a busy town street, an outdoor sign can be a visually striking way for people to notice your business. However, if you're going to use a sign, you need to be aware of these outdoor advertising tips so it's effective.

Be Clear

You might already know that being overly wordy can be a mistake when crafting an outdoor sign. However, when you try not to jam too much text onto your sign, you can create the opposite problem: too little information. Steer clear of mysterious phrases, symbols, or inside jokes that only a few people will understand. While some might indeed understand what you're trying to convey, you can attract far more people into your bagel shop if the sign is clear about the sales, food options, or menu items that you want to advertise.

Use Consistent Branding

A smart idea to use when you are coming up with ideas for your outdoor sign is to ensure that it is consistent with the rest of your business. If your bagel shop's vibe is folksy and traditional, don't go with a sign using modern, funky text because you think the text is interesting and legible from a distance. When your sign's branding is inconsistent with the type of shop you have, that can be off-putting to people who are attracted to your shop because of the signage they see.

Get Some Kind of Feedback

Before having your sign printed and installed, it's smart to see what other people think about it. As the owner of the bagel shop, you might have made all the design decisions, but having employees give it a look can be helpful. They may help you notice mistakes or design problems that you didn't see before, and they might also present you with ideas of their own.

In addition to your employees, the opinions of your current customers can help. You can entice customers into providing some feedback of your samples with a free bagel or a discount to be used in the shop later.

The advertising tips discussed above can ensure that your outdoor sign does the job you want it to do. Talk more with your customers, peers, and employees about additional ways to drive traffic into your bagel shop. With great advertising and great food, your shop's clientele should grow even more.

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